Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My newest adventure.

Having been away from the world of craft for so long I decided to do something I have been looking forward to for a long time! 
I love buying second hand furniture and I found the most beautiful little stool that did not need much doing to it, but it still took me over 6 months to get around to sorting it out. So this is something quick, fun and beautiful to ease me back in!

This stool cost me just £1, and its so easy to see how beautiful it can be. All it needed is a new seat! Easy peasy!

Isn't it just lovely! 
(This is the before.)

So away to Dunelm I go to get; foam for the seat (£2)
and fabric (£4 for half a metre)

I took off the old fabric and came across the old filling which was horse hair! I've never actually seen horse hair used as stuffing so I was excited to come across that (because I'm a nerd!)

Anyway, I recovered it using a staple gun and...

Done! And I love it!! 

Now my darling daughter has her first restored piece of furniture for her room. Which makes me glow with pride a little! 

AND, £7 for stool and materials isn't bad either!

Now I understand that someone may look at my sweet little 70's stool and think its a piece of old tat but I honestly love it! I will not be touching the wood because I think it gives it character and I much prefer it that way. :)
 And I feel like I'm back again! 

All my love! x

Monday, 23 April 2012

And I'm back... Ish. ;)

*blows dust off blogger*

Ok so since I haven't been around since Jan I feel I should explain why! I'm Pregnant! I am now 17 weeks and I am starting to feel like a normal human. I had very bad evening sickness of all things! So by the time the evening came around (which is when I turn into a craft ninja and plan and make) all I wanted to do was not throw up!

Now that I don't have my head down the loo I can now start up my empire again! ;)
I am going to be honest and let you know that all my crafts may be baby focused for the foreseeable future, And in about a month I'll be able to let you know if its going to be pink or blue! :)

Anyhoo... I hope I am forgiven for my disappearance and I promise that I will have more stories to tell very soon! 

All my love... :) 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

On a side note...

I understand that I write this blog about my passion in crafts and creating pretty little things. Something that is also very important to me is my parents. 

Both my parents are always training for something, dad has done countless Ironmen and mum has 5 Marathons under her belt! This year they are devoting their fundraising to the Foyle Hospice. Its a place that gives people at the end of their lives comfort but they also give friendship, love and a lot of their time to making patients and their families lives more relaxed and offer comfort in their need. 

Daddy will be taking part in the Lanzarote Ironman and mam will be doing the cork marathon, all to raise money for the Foyle Hospice. 

All the details are on my Mams (Gina) just giving page. If you are moved by their story please donate, all money goes right to the foyle hospice!

Even just follow the link and have a wee look! 

Love! xxx 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I am so pleased to announce that Little House is now a seller on Folksy!

I am so pleased that this is the next step I've taken and I feel like its an exciting natural progression. 

If you want to check out the few things I have up so far just follow the link! :)

Love... xx

Saturday, 31 December 2011

And the end of 2011...

This Christmas I got everyone matching Pj's and made slippers! 
I gave them all different colour trims but kept them all a Christmassy red! I was so excited about matching slippers!! My mam had the don of all slippers and had pom poms on the toes!

Other than the slippers and a hat for my uncle I didn't make many presents! I didn't have enough time! lol

Anyways... like i said before I'm treating myself to my very first present! Knitting my Aran cardi. :) I'm three days in and I'm about half way through the back pattern. Its different for me cause I've never followed a pattern before I'm actually loving it! its easier than making up a pattern on the go! 

I just want it made now! 

So my next project after this Cardi is...


Yay, I'll finally have time to figure it out!

I have so many plans for when I can actually work it out!!

OOooohhhh, Excited...

Happy New year my lovely friends! Enjoy and be good! :)


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Time...

So Christmas has been and gone and it has been one mad rush after another! With three stalls over 15 separate presents to make and trying to keep my sanity it has been a very busy Christmas but one of the best so far!

Although I was glad there was no snow, cause I can't stand snow!! Esmé (my beautiful little princess) kept asking for snow so I introduced her to the snow ball fight with Pom Pom snowballs. :)

 So I made loads of Pom Poms and we spent ages chucking them at each other! Esmé was interested for like five seconds then the rest of the time Hubby and I pelted them at each other! Was well worth the time and effort going into it.

So since not having time to make anything for myself I have come across the most beautiful Aran cardi pattern. Taking a break from mass producing things so I can make myself a little present!

That is the start of the back. Overly excited to finishing it!! EEEE...

Sorry that was my excitement! Also I have a niece due VERY soon... I may need to knit some cardis for her too!!

Something new I have planned is to get my knitting machine out and working! Blankets and machine knit jumpers and things to come! 

For now i'll just get back to making my aran knit. :)

Love! xxx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cornerstone City Church Fashion Show!

Last night was so much fun! My church had a fashion show to raise money for their 'Earthworks' charity. 
A few local companies were asked to have a little stall which had something for everyone! Even candyfloss! Also a great friend of mine Paisley Lane had her stall there too. But buy the time I'd got to her stall everything I wanted was already bought! 

There was about 500 men and women there last night and the atmosphere was something else. I was just pleased to be a part of it! 

These are my heatpacks that I've started to sell.

My Little House had a brand new addition this time! 'Gina's Homemade Fudge'. This is my mother who makes the most amazing fudge I've ever tasted and when she offered to make some for my stall I was worried that it wouldn't sell because its food and I've never sold food before. But it was my best seller to be honest!! From now on every Little House stall will have homemade fudge! (I'll need to watch my waistline with all of the free samples!)

SO... It was a huge success and I had fun! 

I am taking a big break from crafting for my sanity! So I tried to give myself a week off but I got up this morning and opened up a craft book and wrote a to-do list! 

What can I say, old habits and all that!

This is a book my Granny got me from a car boot... Everything is outdated but the ideas are amazing!

Have a look at my facebook and 'Like' it... if you like it!

I did mention my friend Paisley Lane... Have a look at her page too. :)

Loads of love!!! xxx